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Help. Client being abusive

Hi, I am fairly new. I do editing I have two 5 star reviews. Then I gave a guy a custom offer - almost free, lol.
He has now been asking for more and more changes. I have given him about 10 redos. He basically wants me to rewrite his story for him. I can tell from his comments he doesn’t speak English well, so my suggestions as to tense, don’t make sense to him (because he doesn’t speak that way). I told him he needs a developmental editor. He told me I was rude. All this for $18. Now he is threatening to retract his order (which I don’t care about) and a terrible review (which I care about.) What do I do?


Stop delivering.

Report to Fiverr CS.



You have to tell this to fiverr support team

10 revisions?! That’s a lot of time wasted… two things you can do:

  • Report and cancel the order (CS will do it because they will see the chat logs and read his nasty messages, plus him going over the order’s scope to get free work). You’ll lose those - thankfully meagre - 18$, but your sanity and good score stays. Also your analytics will not take a hit since you’re in the right.

  • Deliver or keep complying before delivering even to earn those 18 dollars but in return you get a bad review, your score is ruined and your profile too.

Of course, the former is what you’re looking for.

What a PITA. Report, report, report. Ask CS for a no-fault cancellation to let you out.

Learn those red flags (like wanting lots of work for nothing) and next time you see them bug out bigtime. The rude they are in response, the more you know you did the right thing.



Thanks, but then can he still leave a bad review? I appreciate the help.

Got it. Thanks so much.

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Thanks so much. I am learning.

Report him and better cancel the order and save your gig!

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Thanks everyone. He finally signed off and gave me a good review (lol). Now I have blocked him.

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