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Help! Client is harassing me on multiple platforms & Accounts

Hello. This might sound incredibly strange, but a client has been stalking and harassing me on other platforms after I blocked him on two Fiverr accounts he created. He came to me with a music video he needed edited and as a practice, I always provide a watermarked sample of the edit even before they order to avoid precisely these kind of situations. Off the bat, the client came across as a narcissist. The music video had no other footage or B-roll apart from him singing the song over 20 different times (Yes, 20.). He made an elaborate list of the shots and where they should go based on ‘How he looked’ in them and also wanted me to remove his pimples (I wish I was joking) so he looks better.

I was already considering not moving ahead with the project because his communication was bad and I dislike being micro-managed and having over-bearing clients, so I did a 1 minute sample instead of the entire video like I usually do. I sent it to him and he said it was amazing and directly after sent 10 timecodes with changes that made no logical sense.

Anyway, I politely told him that our visions won’t match and told him that I won’t be able to work on it further and wishing him good luck with the project. He then proceeded to send me over 25 messages over the next two days literally begging me to work on it. I reported him for spam and blocked him. A few days later, I open up my Facebook and find that he has searched for my name and found my Facebook ID and is messaging me there apologizing and begging me to work on the project again. I didn’t respond. Today, I get another message on Fiverr from a different account, but I recognize it’s the same person because it’s the same country, same level of bad English and the name is his music company-so I instantly block him.

My question is-Why in the wide world is he stalking me. There are literally 1000’s of sellers offering video editing here. I was charging him $100 which is not even that cheap. Also, what can I do to safeguard myself in case the person decides to order from another account without asking me? I have never seen such a client in my decade long history of working. What do I do?



Well Thats a very unfortunate incident . Sadly these kinds of incidents are increasing day by day along with that scams are reaching at their peak .Luckily Fiverr customer support has done quite a good job in screening such kind of its Tos violations i.e having multiple accounts. I would advice you to take the screenshots of the these accounts and report them to Fiverr’s customer support. Though customer support is a little slow nowadays but would certainly entertain your request

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Why do you have 2 fiverr accounts ? thats agains fiverr TOS…and you may get in trouble any time for this !

About other platform, fiverr only protects seller and buyer for the communication and transactions done only on fiverr and not responsible for any other platform so I am afraid they wont be able to help you in this case.!

yes thats right
i also made the same mistake when i am new
and my both accounts are banned
one of them is level 1 seller

after that i create this one
please close one account otherwise you not able to protect you from fiverr they will ban your both account

It’s not really what he said :wink:


I read again and got that same lol…what that can be ?

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He blocked the buyer’s 2 accounts.

Again, this is one of the reasons I don’t have my real name here… there are too many weird a** people on the internetzz :roll_eyes:


I think he is going to be banned for the 3rd time because multiple accounts isn’t allowed on fiverr :rofl:

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Right, using some weird, brandable names always helps

maybe he meant that the buyer contacted him from 2 different accounts ‘’ I blocked him on two ( maybe the buyers two accounts ) ‘’


Maybe… I think you’re right

Yep… or at least changing Facebook’s privacy settings so that random people can’t find you by name.

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I can only imagine how much weirder this would be for a woman :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, I have read a lot of posts on the forum where people have tried to use fiverr like tinder :rofl:

He can’t take no for an answer. You’re supposed to admire his magnificence, or something like that, not say no.

You can inform Customer Support about the situation (send them screenshots, too, so they don’t have to look everything up and possibly miss something important), tell them that the buyers has 2 accounts, and ask what to do if he creates yet another one to harass you.

If the buyer proceeds to create yet another account and place an order, you can then inform CS about it, remind them that you’ve already informed them of the situation, and ask them to cancel the order without affecting your stats. Of course, that will only work if you inform them of the current situation first.


Have you blocked him on FB?


I’m a little scared to do that considering the horror stories of people’s experience with customer support. Who knows…they might view me posting screenshots of the person on Facebook as communication off platform :woozy_face: Thanks for the insight, though!

Then only send them screenshots of his harassment on Fiverr. On FB you can easily block him. Also, I changed my FB account name so Fiverr buyers could not find me. So far it has worked.

Also, on FB I have not posted any images I hafe on Fiverr.

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