HELP! Creepy buyer


The clock ticks. I have been waiting for a buyer who posted an order to respond but they have not done anything.

The gig that they have placed an order on takes days to work on and I can’t waste anymore time waiting on it. If they respond late, i might not be able to achieve the required goal.


i opened up their profile and it says

’joined fiver 43 minutes ago. Last activity: 13 minutes ago’

Something fishy is going on here? HELP!


o_o why is that creepy?


i dont know really. First this scammer tries to contact me and now someone who is a ghost. Maybe its because i feel sick today, damn :-&


I think you need to take a break from the computer for a bit lol


Trust me, if a ghost wanted to contact you he would tap you on the shoulder. :wink:


What we need is a moderator here.


thanks a million guys.