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Hey, so i have contacted customer support a few times and usually I instantly get an email from their side. This time i did not get an email, and nothing else. I keep refreshing the support page every few hours but nothing. Its almost 24 hours now, and i know it can take them longer to respond. But should i just wait or create a new ticket?
Oh and this is regarding my withdrawals.
If anyone can shed some light it will be great.
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


You have to be patient and wait - sometimes it takes 48 hours, other times I’ve heard it takes longer depending on their workload. I imagine CS have hundreds or thousands of tickets every day to solve, and they’re human after all :slight_smile:

More so, creating multiple tickets on the same matter will increase the chance of you being marked for spamming CS - again, I’ve heard of users who created several tickets, or demanded responses several times, to later be ignored by CS.


Wait. Creating a new ticket on the same topic could get you blocked for spamming.


Yeah you are right, usually its easier to wait because i get an email updating me. Anyway, guess I am just stressing out :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, you are right. They obviously have too much to deal with already. But i needed someone to remind me that. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Yes, I think waiting would be the right thing to do. Thank you, since I actually didnt know you could get flagged for that. :slight_smile:


Sure you could! Just think of it: creating multiple tickets about the same problem slows things down, because CS has to check every ticket. What’s more, it doesn’t slow things down just for you, but for everyone who needs their assistance.


You’re welcome!

For your info, in over seven years since I’ve been on Fiverr, CS responded to each and every ticket I’ve created, and you can probably imagine how many I’ve created in all these years :slight_smile:


That is true, and usually i would think rationally. But i think my judgement is clouded at them moment. Thank God i ran towards the forum and didnt do anything stupid :slight_smile:


Haha! Yes, I am sure. But I really hope this one gets resolved quickly and I never have to bother them again :stuck_out_tongue:


@catwriter @Woofy31
Hey, I have a quick question. What happens if i add something to a ticket that has already been posted. Like i send in the request 2 days ago, and noone has responsed. I want to add something else to it, should i wait?

I am only asking because i dont want to wait 2 more days for a simple reply. But i am seriously out of options here.
Thank you

There are times when I add something to a ticket if I omitted mentioning it in the original ticket text - but I never (and you should never) rush them for a response, and don’t ask them why it’s taking so long or why they haven’t responded.

Only add something to the ticket if it’s an important addition to complete the original ticket text :wink:

Okay, so they disabled my withdrawals because a customer complained that i wasnt responding (only because i know “them” personally i decided to call each time i got a message. So they got in touch with fiverr and told them that i wasnt working. So all of a sudden i get a warning and withdrawals are banned. Anyway, i work things out and send the buyer all the work on fiver. It took me 20 days. As it was a huge assignment and due in December.

Anyway, so someone from the CS told me get in touch with them on the 25th and i did. And nothing.

On the other hand the buyer is stalling. I even sent a few extra files just incase. But nothing.

And since this is my only source of income. And another month is started i am in panic mode.

What would you do? Because i dont have anyone else to ask. I apologise if its too much…

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Point being :stuck_out_tongue:
Is it okay if i ask them to give him a refund, and he can keep the articles. So they would just enable my withdrawals?

I’d send Customer Support (as an addition to the same ticket, definitely don’t open a new one!) proof/screenshots of this

and very politely ask them for advice and help since I did what I was told to do, and sent all the work, but the buyer isn’t responding.


Thank you so much. I did and they restored it =D