HELP! Do you think you can build a professional business on fiverr?


Hi fiverr team,

I am new to fiverr and got my first sale in my first week. I am a professional consultant and have helped many business (startups to enterprises) learn how to sell. I am currently testing the feasibility of fiverr when it comes to building a ‘professional’ business. I am testing whether I am able to develop long term relationships with customers I have acquired from fiverr.

As I scan all the gigs on fiverr, I see alot of gigs that are VERY helpful but are things that you can do rather quickly without really understanding your clients business (i.e. business cards or logos). When it comes to selling (selling well) and sales strategy, there is alot more homework that needs to be done prior to competing one of my gig then when compared to creating something like business cards or a logo. Since I am a new seller, I have heavily discounted all of my gigs to hopefully pick up some sales momentum and traction but it is not feasible for me in the long term to keep my gig prices so low.

A few questions:

  1. What are your average order sizes?

  2. Do you think people search on fiverr for professional services that are worth more than only $5?

  3. How many of your customers are repeat customers?

Looking forward to everyones feedback.



According to Fiverr’s CEO, 75% of all sales are to small and medium businesses.
Since the launch of Fiverr Pro, there has been an increase (or at least I have seen one) in the number of clients who are not looking for the bottom of the barrel prices. For me, orders of $100-600 are becoming very common now and my average gig price has doubled in the past 3 months.
If you offer something useful, if you present yourself well, if you communicate well - you will get sales at pretty much any price.


Wow! Thanks for the feedback @eoinfinnegan


Same here as first you have to start from small then increase the price after you build you profile


Thats exactly what I was thinking @bilalhaider23! Thx


Hey there,

I don’t think it’s always the case that most orders are completed quickly and without a lot of work. I know that I end up doing a TON of work and going back and forth with clients for my ghostwriting gig.

My average order size is around $150, but that’s because most of clients want to break their full-length books up into smaller increments. I make around $600-$1200 per client with all their orders combined together. About 75% of my clients are repeat. I spend an average of 4 months working with each client.

I’ve been able to build a sustainable business on fiverr. It’s definitely possible. There are lots of clients looking for high quality, professional work and willing to pay for it.

  1. That’s personal-- it’s much more than $5.

  2. Yes. People I know personally regularly place orders of over $50.

  3. Over 50% become repeat clients.


@jenihiggs interesting thoughts. Some of the stats you posted are really interesting! Also, the fact that you were able to build a sustainable business on fiverr is very impressive! Thx for posting.


Thx @misscrystal. Appreciate the feedback.


There are a lot of people who earn over $100,000 a year on fiverr. One only writes resumes for people.

  1. I don’t give numbers. BB is watching.

  2. None of my clients is looking for a $5,- gig.

  3. Around 90% are repeat clients.


You’re probably looking at $5 gigs where the client doesn’t expect much from the logo. Creating a professional logo can take weeks of preparation. It depends on a seller and that’s why logo design price range is from $5 - $2000.

As long as you’re offering high quality service that people need you can charge basically whatever you want for it.
To answer your questions

  • personal
  • yes
  • 50%


Yes it is possible.
If you can survive here abiding by fiverr Tos


@misscrystal WOW! I would love to hear their story.


@mariokluser wow 90%. Turning those prospects into promoters! Great job!


@uxreview I was generalizing but thanks for the feedback. Once I get some traction, I will begin testing a higher average order value. 50% repeats is pretty impressive. Thx


Thanks @excelsolutionn


I actually don’t think about this that much. Fiverr is not my main source of income, therefore I’m very careful with who I take in as client.

If my guts tell me that it will be a pain to do a certain job, the client and I are not a good match or both, I don’t do it. Just last week I rejected a job worth $450,-. The problem was that I couldn’t bring it in line with my feeling of responsibility. I was thinking about writing a post about that, but I didn’t had the time.


@mariokluser you know you are winning when you can refuse business!


You stil have to stay humble and be careful. I wouldn’t say that I don’t might regret in a couple of month or over a year that I didn’t take the money, but at that point it felt irresponsible to me just to go for it.