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Help don't know how to sell :(


hi guys! I’ve been here in fiverr for like over a month but I haven’t sold anything, instead there are buyers who makes me do a project but don’t buy my gig, they just message me what they want and that’s all, I tried talking to them but they just don’t answer. How to sell a gig here guys? Is that okay that I get a message first from a buyer, give them the project and then buy my gig? or the other way around? Please help, don’t know what to do. :frowning:


Get some sample pics of your work up.

Right now, I wouldn’t buy from you. It seems like $5 for goodness only knows what I’d get. But I’m sure you’re very talented.

If I landed on your Gig and there were 2 pics of websites you’d created, I’d be very tempted to buy, for sure! :slight_smile:


I don’t know I’m kind of new at this, and I don’t know how to display the website I designed. XD (not sure if the 100% view is better than the whole website view which makes them hard to see). Anyways, my question is still not answered though… but thank you for the advice will put some. Thanks!


Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

have a look at the forum section ‘Tips for Sellers’. A good start would be to read (from the begining-the original post of the user who started it)

this forum thread:


Take a screen print and try and crop it to include a good proportion of it. Any is better than nothing.

Buyers will message you all the time without buying. You can’t really make them buy, I’m afraid. Messages aren’t worth much. I get people type out page long briefs to me, yet never buy. I just leave short replies, sounding enthusiastic, and let those who want to buy, buy.

When you get new pics up, let us know. We’ll give you our opinions!



Your gig does not show much of your work. Buyers need to see samples of your work. See my page. I am also a new seller and not getting much response. People will order only the products that they need. They won’t order something they can’t see or don’t need.

Please take some good screenshots of your work and put them up. If you are a web developer or a graphics designer, you should be able to put some pictures of yoir work here easily. Don’t wait, do it today. Again, make sure pictures are of highest quality.

Good luck and I hope you get a lot of responses from buyers from all over the world.



Hey guys! you are all a big help and learned new stuff here in fiverr, I just uploaded two sample of my works. Thank you guys. :slight_smile: