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HELP! Each other during (COVID 19)

hey there
How are you guys doing?
hope you guys doing good
I see a drastic change in my impressions and views and getting 2 or fewer orders per week.
We the people of Fiverr community can stand and help each other by distributing order if one gets more orders like top-rated sellers am just advising not forcing
We can fight (COVID - 19)!


ALLAH Help us. Please stay home.

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Please join the discussion here: No sales at all, Maybe (COVID-19) is the reason? :(

Thanks :slight_smile:


Seriously, where do you guys take all this ideas about distributing orders. Clients are choosing specific sellers and they do not want their order to be distributed to someone whom they didn’t choose.

Here is another topic with “your idea” of communist distribution.


If you were the one receiving more orders (not so many you can’t do them, but more than you do now), would you be willing to give them away to other sellers?


We’ve had about three threads so far where sellers say we should help each other and buy each other’s gigs. I feel sad about sellers resorting to begging for orders from other sellers. I hope these all get removed.

It’s like saying it’s ok to buy each other’s gigs to leave good reviews. It’s not how fiverr is supposed to work. I find it disturbing.


This is not going to happen. Buyers hire sellers to work with that seller, not have that seller give their order to someone else. You are here to be a freelancer. Freelancers build their own reputations, and earn their own orders and success.

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Why would someone give someone their orders? What world is this you come from? Where did you get the idea sellers would give other sellers their orders?

I’m not about to “give” anyone my orders and I’m sure no one else is either.

Do you know how this site works?

I don’t think my clients would like it if when they placed an order I said to them “Hi, I’m giving your order to someone else to complete and they are the ones who will be doing your order, not me.”

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