Help fight against artwork THEFT!


The last few days alone i have caught at least 9 people stole some of my artwork and use them as their gig main images in my very category!!! Now this is some unethical deal!! I was very upset of course, i have written to them and asked them to remove immediately, only one person did and apologized but the rest didn’t even have any kind of shame to even bother with a simple reply!!

I also reported them (except the one who responded) and they got their gigs suspended, i did verify that myself. One of them some how restarted the same gig but this time with an image he stole from another seller in the same category!! Everyday i find a new one doing the same thing then i report them.

I do see many copied images as well and it makes me sick to see that.

Please let’s stand together against this non sense.

Simply contact customer support with a link of the gig with your stolen image along with a link of your gig in which was stolen from, they will act on that and suspend that gig almost immediately!!

If you see any artwork that you believe was stolen please report it and contact the owner, we will do the same for you!

If they can’t provide their own work they don’t need to be here stealing our hard work.

Let’s keep this place honest, professional and creative.


I’ve become like the Fiverr hyena here, every time I spot a stolen image I immediately report it

to the original seller. I myself had my image stolen a few times. Funny thing is, every time I

message those thieves, usually they sound upset.

“But I was jut borrowing your image…”

"But you have a lot of sales already…you can share, you know…"

BS like that. Some people might say it is none of my business, especially if the stolen image

was not mine, but it IS my business. I need Fiverr to stay professional! Plus each time I notify

the original seller, they always thank me, and when another seller tells me about my image getting

stolen, I feel thankful too.

Those stolen gig/images will continue to pop up, it will never end I’m sure, but I’ll do my best

and keep my eyes open! :smiley:


Hi, thanks for the tips and advice. This is very helpful if my image on my gig being stolen.

Anyway, no matter how hard we fight them I think artwork thief will always be there :slight_smile:


As a recent newcomer to fiverr I’ve purchased a number of gigs (14+) within a short period to give it a go. I bought based on the quality of the gig description and attached portfolio of images. To say that I am dissatisfied with the results in the logo design area so far would be an understatement.

So many “artists” and “designers” are simply googling for images and changing some basic aspects and trying to pass of as their own work. One person even left the watermarks on the image, another tried to tell me that by adding 2 lines to the image that they could sell it as their own original work.

To top it off, a number were getting angry at me for requesting too many revisions. This was a typical revision request from me – Please use original images rather than ones from Google or an image stock site. What comes back……a different googled image and so the revision cycle begins again. Apparently telling them to use their own creations rather than someone else’s counts as a revision each time? As a consumer I don’t mind limited revisions, but I sure as heck won’t be treating stolen images as a revision.


This is also a problem on an art sharing site I participate on. Several times while viewing work that’s posted, other users are leaving posts informing the original artist that someone has taken their work and claimed it as their own. Its a tight knit community and if they come across a user that is using an image of another artist, they will kindly leave a comment requesting the the author be credited.

A lot has changed over the years here on Fiverr and this deliberate copying of others work is becoming increasingly common place.


I 100% understand your frustration, but please keep in mind there are serious laws put in place (both in states and countries) to protect you and the work you create from being stolen. I agree with being proactive, it’s what keeps Fiverr a safe and secure place to work and play. :slight_smile:


But they will never able to provide same quality output… So eventually they will receive negatives… No need to worry about copycats at all


Reply to @cybercube: I agree they won’t be able to create like the originals but the point is why stealing in the first place? Claiming credit on something that doesn’t belong to you is unethical!


This is one of the reasons I considered watermarking all of the portfolio samples I put up. As much as I hate to cover the details of my work, I don’t have the time to go looking for thieves and it’s unfortunate when others piggyback off of your hard work to get ahead.

I agree that they’ll fall flat without being able to produce the same quality result, but they don’t deserve to get orders using your images at all, negative reviews or not. Those buyers should rightfully have been yours. Not only does that take money away from you, it can make those buyers suspicious about anyone using those images.

Imagine not getting orders because people think you’ve stolen your own work and all because someone else is a thief?


I’ve shared this unfortunate experience as well after doing a design for a customer on a different site and some competitor took my design and claimed it as their own, and reported me for stealing artwork, so they got me disqualified from the competition and got me suspended me from the site. Still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I watermark everything unless it’s a the sample that pop up for the work I’ve done for a customer. Watermarking is the best way I can see to protect artwork.