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Help finding a website graphic designer


Hi there

This was flagged as inappropriate. Rather than just clicking a report button, maybe you could be useful and actually state what I have done wrong. Maybe that’s too much to ask.

I am looking to update my Wix website. I’ve designed the site myself and overall I think it looks pretty good. It brings in plenty of leads relevant to my services offered but looks outdated and “flat”. I have a relatively high bounce rate of 70%, but that could be because they find all the info required on the landing page.

I’m looking to add more specific services to the site rather than a blanket add such as “flat roofing”. Let’s say I have a flat roofing page, I’d like to showcase all the individual services that I can offer along with more detailed information about the specific systems I use.
For this is feel I need a more graphic website with lots of colourful images relating to each of the systems and services.

I don’t know whom the best person to contact. Whether it be a graphic or website designer. Without sounding rude, from my experience you are either good at one or the other and have had a bad experience every time I have used a web developer, feeling underwhelmed by the end result.

Search totalcladdingandroofing prothos for my current site if you wish to take a look.

I welcome all suggestions.

Thank you for reading this and hope to hear some of your great ideas!