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Help finding an image

Hi There. I purchased a logo via a seller from this site. I asked him to send me all the images he used but he didnt and is now nolonger listed. I have searched everywhere I can online with no luck of finding the background image used in my logo. Can anyone help as I need the background image to help create my website.

Thanks in advance


I think that image was an edited image.
You can’t easily search it online.
Just a phone app should be able to do that to a RFP.

Hi and thanks. I am not very tech savvy so not sure what RFP means…sorry

If you’re unsure on how to find images online, especially plagiarised images:

  1. Navigate to Google Images
  2. Drag and drop the image into the search

It’ll show you where similar images have been used. If the image is custom/meshed with existing, chances are that it’s original.


Brilliant, thanks josiah_roche ill give that a go

You’re most welcome. It’s super handy to detect plagarised works and fake profile images.

But that you can search and find an image in several places online doesn’t make one guilty of plagiarism. Why?

royalty free pictures (RFP) are also available online for commercial use.

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Yes, but it’s also easy to detect if the work is original or not.

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You need to research meticulously and ensure that your work is original.

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