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Help! First Negative--Freaking out!

Hello, Fellow Fiverrs:

I just got my first negative every and I’m pretty bummed and angry about it. The buyer ordered the creation of 8 PowerPoint slides and 2-day delivery. He sent me roughly 50 pictures to be included in groups of four per slide (exceeding my slide limit, but that’s okay). He also sent me a youtube video that he wanted the picture "cut to."

His directions were not clear, so I sent him clarification questions yesterday (with about 20 hours left for delivery), which he responded to this morning. I then sent him a sample to evaluate based on his answers to the questions. He said the sample was fine but that I was late (which is true–after waiting to hear back I was about 45 minutes late at that point which is definitely my fault). I went ahead and delivered his presentation and added the extra 8 slides worth of content along with an mp3 file that I set to play across slides when the show began.

Literally minutes after I delivered his order, I got the thumbs down, along with this message “hopeless , it was meant to be cut to sync.” Again, no payment for that even though I did provide the mp3 file set to play along with the presentation.

I’ve sent a message to customer service but could really use some advice. It seems like this buyer is out to get me. (see screenshot)

My portfolio and reviews speak for themselves. Again, I admit I was 1 hr 54 mins late (due in part to my 24-hour delay in reviewing his order and due in part to his terrible instructions).

Sorry for how long this is–I’m just really frustrated!

Thanks for your insight!


I’ve learned that some people are just jerks and will take advantage of you if they think they can get away with it. It’s become my policy to cancel any order that does not provide me with the information I need to complete it, especially if it is a rush order.

I believe you can request a mutual cancellation and write a note in the reason box asking for the info you need. If they can provide the info then you’ll continue, otherwise their money will be returned. Asking for info via cancellation pauses the clock and gives you some wiggle room.

I hope CS can resolve this for you.

I should’ve done this–thank you for your suggestion! I’m going to implement it in the future.

If all else fails as the person above has stated, request a mutual cancellation.

Make sure to state in the mutual cancellation request that all funds are refunded to the buyer in question to consider another seller on Fiverr.

In regards to CS, I would highlight that you requested further information and then got approval by him that what you planned on making was ok with him or as you stated, “fine”. The fact that he had already agreed that what you planned on providing was ok with him should warrant the removal of a bad feedback. Just make sure to clarify that with CS.

Thank you–I will do so now! That’s a great point.

Just heard back from customer service. They’re asking me to contact the buyer again. I did so immediately after receiving the feedback and he demanded I do work he did not order then insulted the work I had already done (even after approving the sample I sent).

Any advice on how to encourage customer service to reconsider?

Update: So, customer service was able to remove the negative feedback. However, the rep warned me that the buyer could leave the negative feedback again. Lo and behold, I wake up to another negative by this buyer. Very frustrating! Is there any way to prevent this happening? I’ve contacted customer service (even tweeted and facebooked them) but they take so long to reply. Meanwhile, my fiverr business is suffering because of one ignorant and strangely vindictive buyer.

Reply to @traxie2001: Greed is the mother of Negative feedback… No one said that but I myself discovered here at Fiverr. No, not smirking at your situation as I myself have faced such situations more than once

First, of all accept the fact Fiverr will not do much to help you in this situation it’s hard to accept but very true… earlier they were quick enough to take fair action against such buyers and donno why but now they just won’t. First they will delay the support ticket for 4-5 days or it could take a week or more as well(over replying won’t escalate it in fact it will further push it down the queue… so, just reply once and wait) only to expect you to handle on your own with buyer. Secondly, they will only remove negative feedback for 2-3 times for you and then give up and tell you straight forward to deal with the buyer no matter how unethical or unreasonable buyer’s demand is.

There is a lot less you can do but certainly you can do to fix the situation no matter how wrong a Buyer is but still this is where it leads to and helps you get your negative feedback removed:

  1. If the order is still under 14 days period and still the funds are not cleared. Offer buyer a full refund against feedback removal. (Earlier we can cancel the order within 14 days and can get the negative feedback removed but not sure if this working now as well so ask Fiverr CS first)

  2. If it is over 14 days even then try convince the to do a little or more extra work besides this to get the feedback removed.

  3. Last and very important DO NOT make any hurry in taking any decision as buyer can leave/change a feedback into a negative one even after couple months… yes that’s hard to believe but it’s true. Even if you have received the payment in your bank account and have enjoyed a wonderful meal of your hard earned money they can still comeback with more greed and leave negative feedback. So, be careful with whatever way you prefer to talk to buyer and make sure it’s settled once for all.

    TIP: Try your best to get this feedback removed by buyer even if you have offer him more than what he has paid for and get the order cancelled… yes get your feedback removed, even do the extra work, refund the money and close it for all and get rid of these kind of fraudulent buyer. Also, never accept orders from buyer who prefer not clear their requirements and especially order in bulk.

    It’s hard to believe but Fiverr does nothing to help out Sellers in these kind of disputes where Greedy Buyers very clearly takes advantage and make a mockery of this whole system.

    Love and Peace to All :slight_smile:


Reply to @traxie2001: Also, forgot to mention try not to leave any negative review against buyer it will only fuel the situation and make it hard for you deal with buyer as it’s easy to deal with calm buyer than an angry one :wink:

Hope you find it all useful and get your reputation back :slight_smile:

Have you tried the mutual cancellation avenue?