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Help! First time Buying not what was Advertised


Where is a place to email Fiverr for help! I have looked everywhere. I ordered a website gig and spent a lot of time giving the seller a lot of information. He seemed to really struggle with simple requests and had to go over the same things several times. In the end he sent me a folder, not my website. I do not even know what to do with this, as it is all in code. How do I know to even check this. Fiverr paid him with out my seeing the work. I have sent a response to him, asking to put on my website, as I gave him my domain name and the password at the very beginning of ordering. Where do I go from here?


Sorry you’ve been given so much trouble! Not all of us sellers are like that, I promise!

If it has only been a few hours, give him a little more time to respond. He may not have understood what you needed.

As long as fourteen days have not elapsed, you can still request a cancellation (at least, as a seller, I see that there is that option, I assume it exists for buyers as well), which will mean you will get your money back (to use for another purchase–it won’t be returned to your paypal, for example). You can do this through the resolution center tab, which is on the order page.

Then, to contact fiverr support, you can submit a request here: (by clicking on the “submit a request” at the top right). Have your order number and plenty of information ready. Hopefully, someone will be able to advise you how to proceed once they have reviewed the order.