Help: Fiverr Bug- Multiple same order and cancellations lead to reduced delivery ratio


Today a new buyer ordered 10 times the same gig.May be due to some fiverr bug.
These orders were tagged as “Incomplete” due to lacked information.
I asked the buyer to ask help center and withdraw them.
The buyer later opened 10 disputes with reason as “created by mistake”. I accepted.
Later I found that my delivery rating is down due to cancellations.

Has anyone faced similar issues. How can I go back to my previous delivery ratio?

Please help.


Contact with customer service and noticed to them. They help and resolve this issues.


@nibedit are you referring to the “order completion” percentage, or the “delivered on time” percentage?

Because if you refer to the “order completion” percentage, then it’s not a bug, it’s how Fiverr works; if you refer to the “delivered on time” percentage, then it would be a bug.


I am referring to the “order completion” percentage. Since those ordered went to cancelled list, my completion %age came down from 100% to 20%.

This is a bug,because the buyer sent 10 INCOMPLETE orders and cancelled due to their mistake or issue with fiverr site. Sending same order multiple times is a valid bug. If cancelled, shouldn’t impact seller’s rating.


@nibedit Well, I’m sorry to tell you this, but it’s not a bug, it’s how Fiverr works. Every cancellation affects the “order completion” percentage, whether it was your fault or not. But like @miiila said, that percentage is for your eyes only, and Fiverr still differentiates between orders that were cancelled due to a buyer’s fault or a seller’s fault.

And because of this, I decided to use a browser-based adblock plugin to hide that particular percentage from always poking me in the eyes, and my morale has increased ever since I don’t see that annoying percentage decreasing without being my fault.


I read in one of the post that below 80% ratio, one won’t be able to offer further. Is that true?


Well, to have to look at those 20% which aren´t your fault at all, certainly isn’t nice, you have my full sympathy, but at least it shouldn´t affect your gig ranking.

You could surely ask Customer Support though to confirm that for you, if you are worried, I don´t think they’ll ‘reset’ the rate though, seeing that the reply I got wasn´t ‘we will not’ but ‘we can not’, so I fear you just have to hope for no further bugs/buyers ordering accidentally. And that you won´t have after the 60 days when the rate resets, either. Good luck with that.

The ‘below 80% ratio’ for sending offers to Buyer Requests, as far as I´m aware, means the review rating (all 5 star reviews = 100%)


Just came to know that fiverr charged 10x to the buyer for these orders and gave 8x refund as credits.
Hence it is a valid bug. The buyer is also in trouble.


Updates from the buyer ( @carlosscda ): While buying the screen often timed out and sent the order automatically! Another reason to consider it as a bug.