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HELP! Fiverr doesn't protect its sellers

I wrote a 60k novel, as per requested, but the buyer said he didn’t like it so he wants to cancel.
I spent 35 days on it, working relentlessly and I was writing exams at the time. Now, after a month, he gets his money, my novel and I get nothing.

In the end fiverr will cancel the order. The buyer is king; always right.
I’m so.hurt


Bad luck :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:Hope, fiverr will take necessary steps.


Don’t let go your work for free
Since you were not paid you own the copyrights for the work done
If your buyer use the work you can inform Fiverr regarding this and they can take legal actions against them


Could the order be cancelled by the buyer or fiverr if the seller doesn’t agree to cancel?
If the seller has the right to disagree cancellation, just use your right.

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yesss same thing , done a translation work for a buyer , spent days working on it , the buyer simply gave a very weird reason , and got away with the work without paying and fiverr canceled the order


sooooo unfair and shows how much you can get ripped off without any protection


My point exactly :frowning:


Thanks. That’s a solid advice. I thought that too.

I declined the cancellation.
It’s against their terms to cancel when the work stated in the gig was delivered. I looked it up.


If you did not accept the cancellation then there is a negative feedback risk involved.

Yes, good job. I’ll do the same!

The sellers are left out in the open. So in the end the buyer gets his job done for free?
Believe me, he liked the work at first saying ‘it was all good’. All of a sudden, this


The order was finally canceled by fiverr themselves. My rating has taken a big hit and I stand the risk of demotion.

The buyer, in the end, goes home with his money and a month of my life and hard work. All without fiverr hearing my side of the story.

This over emphasis on being polite with buyers is just based on an awful standing and I will tell you why.

Most of the buyers are very respectable towards sellers but sometimes a mean buyer with less regard for seller than his money crashes into your order page and is an absolute nightmare to deal with.

What can a seller do when the buyer is not understanding and disrespectful of seller’s time and energy that went into buyer’s work? You can’t expect sellers to return roses for thorns.

Fiverr should really consider this policy more deeply because sellers are human as well and also liable to recripocating what they receive.


I can’t remember–wasn’t there a feature where you could deliver in “steps?”

In any case, what I would do with a huge project like yours (next time), is have each X number of words be a separate order. If the client doesn’t like the first chapter (or x number of words), or creates any problem for you with that first order, then you know what you’re potentially in for.


It’s called milestone order
You can take order in 3 steps max

Thanks for the info @irfanpro :kissing_heart:
I don’t have that feature, either cuz it hasn’t reached my account yet, or maybe my gigs aren’t relevant to the feature.

But in the OP’s situation, three steps for 60K words is still a big risk. Writing takes soooooooooooo much time.
@chukswrites I’m wondering what you think of the idea I wrote in my other comment?

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I thinks the feature is not available for everyone.
Don’t know why it is so

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That is so terrible. I am so sorry you are going through this.

Don’t let him get away with your work! Publish that novel under your name asap!

You can do that on with ease. You can be on your way to be published in 1 hour. They will give you even a free ISBN, meaning your WORK will be YOURS. Once you get published, he can’t do anything with that novel.

Do it fast, because if he does it faster, it’s his.


Yeah. I think breaking it down that way is a good idea. I’ll definitely put that into consideration for future use.
As for now, well, my will to work has been deflated.
A month is so long a time to exchange for $0 and a drop in ratings.

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