HELP! Fiverr is tripping?


I’m unable to send messages, and messages which I’ve just received and read are kept marked as unread. I just delivered an order, and it still says in the app/dashboard “You have to deliver our order” but I delivered not once, but twice!

Fiverr is going crazy now!

Message not reaching my client

Yes the same issue with me…i just noticed…i tried to message via the app as well but still the same issue…It is not showing any error and the inbox notification still remain the same…I contacted CS …waiting for there reply .

would like to add that it is just an issue which will be resolved soon…have patience…


Yes the same issue with me


Lol. Fiverr definitely is tripping. Give them a little time to get off their booze, they’ll be fine. It’s a general bug which I’m sure they would be aware of already as 3 topics have been created as regards this already.


thanks GOD
I thought I’m the only one :laughing:


Not getting confirming email after clicking link to withdraw funds. Is this another thing happening to anyone else?


Err. Possibly another bug.

Has the funds been “sent” on Fiverr already?


This is total madness! Every function is tripping right now, and sellers like me are losing money!

Fiverr fix this please!


Has the issue been fixed yet?


Gasp, it is a super bug!


I just bought 3 things, it took my money but isn’t showing anything I bought….


UPDATE - We are aware of the messaging issues and are working to resolve ASAP!


This is worse than the bank crisis in 2008! It’s a disaster!


Everything seems fine now.



It’s all good now. I wasn’t able to deliver orders, but it’s going through now. Fiverr Support also responded to me and said they are resolving the issue.


UPDATE - Should be back to action. Thanks for your patience!

Dashboard is not updating

I placed 3 orders, all of which took my money out of my visa debit (2) and credit card (1) and nothing is showing in my fiverr account!!!


@awiinx Contact Customer Support.


I did but it says 12-18 hour response time! So thought I’d try here since people are getting responses! :confused: I’m in Canada so its even more expensive for me to be losing money!


I understand, but if your money got stuck somewhere, nobody on the forum can help you.

I hope that your funds just got delayed and will go through soon.