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Help! Fiverr ticket deleted?

Hello forum!

Recently I’ve opened up a ticket to CS about an issue I was having, and it’s been more than the promised 48 hours without any answer from them.
Due to this, I’ve been refreshing the page and checking my email very regularly (about every hour or so), but right now, as I went to check if there were any answers, the page refreshes to this:

Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 10.27.55 PM

What happened?? Do I open another one? Please somebody help me, I really need this issue solved!


Right now it might take up to 10 days for CS to reply

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I’m okay with the wait, my problem is that my previous ticket just disappeared into thin air? It’s not there anymore, it doesn’t exist, and now I just lost 2 days worth of waiting

I opened a new one, I’m hoping it doesn’t get deleted as well and that it’s not marked as spam

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I had this exact experience. Fiverr support is so useless! Are there just 2-3 CS reps replying to all queries around the world? I understand there is a pandemic situation going on, but this is ridiculous. Closing and deleting support tickets without valid responses is straight unethical.

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I complained about my total earnings going down in a total of 3 tickets. They shut me down so much that I ended up just giving up :confused: