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[HELP] Fiverr Views problem due to lot of cancelled works

Hello guys so a few days ago i was very active on fiverr so i had lot of works i did cancelled some works because i don’t have to much time to work on , so i had a few negative ratings , now i created a new gigs but as i see there is no views or orders , can anyone help please,

i Appreciate it


It looks like you basically have two of the same gigs now. And I only see one negative rating on there from 16 days ago.

But if you have a tight schedule and cannot have extra time to do Fiverr gigs, why do you have the extra for one day delivery? MAybe you should get rid of that on your gigs, so that people will not expect that you can work on it in less than 5 days.

to @sincere18 Thank you for reply , no people don’t buy the extra gig only the average but the negative rates was about the logo categorie it’s Pending Approval now i just recreated some new gigs for business and new category about realistic logo

Reply to @soufiianesebban: Hmm…now I see several cancelled orders on your profile page but from a few weeks ago…were you really busy during that time?

Also, your business cards say 5 days on average, but your logo says 9 days on average. Really 9 days? I think the problem may be that you say this at the top of your gig "For $5 I’ll design instant LOGO. "

Do you know what the word “instant” means? This means “right now”, or it also may mean really quick and probably with a template of some kind that you use for everyone’s logo. So that may be some of the confusion.

I also think that saying you work 6 days a week so delayed responses might happen on the weekend might be a bit of an issue as well that could be a problem for some buyers. While I understand you clearly have a regular job and are doing this on the side, that could be a problem with how you are being perceived by buyers. Buyers expect that even when people are doing it on the side, they may only work at night after their regular job, but not have to wait an entire week until your weekend is free to do stuff.

Even though it says 9 days, that’s a really long time for a logo compared to most other sellers. So you have to keep that in mind as well, what the competition is offering on this site.

Reply to @sincere18 , first it was just 3 days , i just added some modifications and change the time deliver cause when you have 15 logos in wait you can’t do all the logos in 3 days all of them :slight_smile: and also for 5$ thank you for reply

If you are over booked just pause your gig or go into vacation mode you can then select “I am overbooked” it is not healthy for your business to cancel orders since those buyers will most likely not return :wink: Good luck

I forgot…until you are caught up on work of course ;0)

Reply to @soufiianesebban: well yes, 3 days is a problem if you are not able to work on stuff. So that makes sense you got negative reviews if you had many orders and could not do the work in the time your gig says. It is good hat you adjusted your time now, but you still say the word “instant” in your gig description so that is still misleading a little bit to people, because instant means you can do it right away.