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Help for a new seller for gig opinion

Hi, i just got started on fiverr and i do get impressions and a few clicks but no orders yet, so im asking for a opinion on my gig.



Hmm, I know nothing about that field, but here’s my opinion:

  • I don’t understand why in the thumbnail you’re putting a mixer and in the next photos printed T-shirts. This could be quite confusing because the buyer would not understand what exactly you are offering.

  • You are providing a very short description that is almost the same as the title. The gig description is very important. Try to be more specific in telling what your gig is about and your service.

  • Pay attention to English grammar. I found a lil’ mistake in the description “if you need more THAN one file, instead of THEN” :wink:

  • Your packages… There’s not much difference between the Basic package and the Standard one, yet the Standard One has double price. Maybe you should offer two designs to justify it?

That’s all for now! All the best on your new gig and new experience on Fiverr.


Thanks for your opionion i will look into it .

Also, in the gig description:
“machichines” could be “machines”

In the standard package “desgin” could be “design”

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Keep trying* Share gig on social media properly*** Try to be active***


See this.

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Welcome to fiverr forum!
Take time to read through the forum for lots of tips and information. Good luck :+1:

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Already learned a lot on this forum, will keep on working til I get a order

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Please keep updates in the same thread. It’s against the Community Standards & Forum Rules - 2020 to create duplicate threads. In the case of changes in a situation, it’s doubly important, so that people can see what advice you’ve already been given and/or what steps you’ve already taken.

That said, please see: Basics to Improve Your Gig. A helpful breakdown and guide

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I will didn’t know still learning

Fair enough, though it’s always a good idea to read the rules when you’re in a new place, no matter where that is.

True, my bad… Will look into it more