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Help for choosen images numbering for Upload a gig


I have created new gig images which I would like to upload today. But can you please help me in numbering. which one will best for mirroring like 1,2,3 numbering images. Please help


Most or all of these look like images taken from the internet. Make your own images instead of using copies.


Images downloaded from internet but i have removed background all of these. so, how can it be copied? Thanks for your suggest!


If you use this copycat stuff you will have a gig that either looks like you borrowed it from another gig or your profile will just blend in with all the other ones. If that’s what you want, go for it. The strategy has been tried by plenty of other people who frequently post on the forum complaining that they have no orders.


Its Fully modified by mine. No I have not copy anyones gig.