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My name is Shams Tabassum…
I’m new on fiverr. I made 6 gig on Business card design, vector tracing and Background remove. But I can not sell any Gig.
I want to help from experts.please give me tips for Selling Gig.

Thank you


Dear Shams:

I took a quick look at your profile:

Run down the Improve My Gig Checklist ( '` ). You’ve studied Fiverr Support, listened to Fiverrcast or read the transcripts, studied the offerings on Fiverr in your niche, right?

If I started on this checklist for you…
Smiling in profile Image … No
Professionally dressed in profile image … No
Video in gigs … No
YOU Appear in your video … No`
Optimum use of Key Words … No
Polished English grammar, punctuation, and spelling … No
Professional-quality copy in your gig description … No
3 images in Live Portfolio that are custom to this gig and not just pulled from the web …
Read the Fiverr Terms of Service …
Able to point the Buyer to Appropriate Resources to Minimize Miscommunication / Cancellations …
Able to Communicate Clearly with Buyers …

At some point, Fiverr is likely to have issues with the links provided in your gig descriptions. I suggest you get in front of this, read the Fiverr Terms of Service, and initiate a dialogue with Customer Service to minimize any potential negative consequences.

(Remove the external links unless and until CS gives you the okay to include them.)

Good luck,


Blaise’s gig checklist is famous around here, so I dare not disagree with his good points.

In my own opinion, your profile shot is perfect. You’re not smiling (maybe you’re almost smiling) - a broad smile is an absolute requirement for American business portraits - but you’re not looking mean, which has you in the 90th percentile for a Fiverr profile shot. It’s also clearly not a stock photo, so I think it’s excellent.

Your gig graphics look great, too.

Your profile paragraph is, uh… Here is an updated profile for you: “My bold designs will grab your customers’ attention and grow your business. The confidence you gain from having beautiful and eye-catching brand collateral will give you an edge in the marketplace, I promise you. If you’re not happy - but believe me, you will be - I will happily refund your order. -Shams”

Now to the real problem: You are in a category with too much competition, with no way that I can see to differentiate your offerings. You’ve got to find a way to stand out, and in your category, I just don’t know how you’d do that. Whether or not you find an answer to that question will determine whether you’re still fighting the Fiverr fight a year from now.

Best of success to you.

Bob :slight_smile:


Thank you for your suggest.


Thank you very much