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Help for increasing my sell


Please help. I am new in Fiverr. Joined 1 month ago. But I can’t understand how I can increase my sell. Please tell me how I can do it. Will be very happy if experienced also give me valuable advice. Thanks


Hey. A quick advice: pay a little more attention to your English. You have a lot of spelling errors that might throwaway potential buyers. You also sound a bit harsh in the first sentence of your gigs.

Also, you have two gigs for basically the same thing: business card design.

Another gig is very confusing, since you’re mixing flyers with book covers in it. Try to break it down a little bit different.

You can start by proof-reading your copy and by visiting the Fiverr Academy for a lot of helpful tips. Browsing the forum always helps, there’s always a lot to learn from other’s experiences.


Very very thanks for your valuable advice. This will help me. :slight_smile: