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Help for Logo Buyers [or generally, Graphic Clients]

As we have completed over 32,000 designs on Fiverr [], we have learned that many buyers need help regarding basic terms in graphic design. Here are some notes that we feel will help our buyers

Logo Design [We need the following info to get started]


1 - Name and Tagline

Example [Fiverr - The marketplace for creative & professional services]

Here, the Name = Fiverr

Tagline = The marketplace for creative & professional services

2 - Image and Color choice

If you want a graphic logo or graphic+text logo, please suggest something for the same. It is NOT photo, but just wanted to know the type of graphic element you want on the design.

Color choice means, the colors you prefer for your logo, or send the color scheme of your brand [may be you can send the color codes

3 - Target audience

It means, your customers, or the people to who you sell your product or service. You can include the country, the age group, or the gender or an industry or anything AS SPECIFIC as possible. We can design the logo accordingly

4 - Your Website

It is not mandatory but it will help us collect more info from your website.

5 - Dimension or Size

It means the size of the logo. If you do not have any specific requirements, no need to worry. Otherwise, get the exact size info from your web developer or printer who is going to use the logo for some other purposes.

Example of a dimension = W240px and H200px [240 pixels wide and 200 pixels height]. This could be in mm, or cm or any other measurements

6 - Want PSD or Ai Editable ? [Gig extra]

For Just $5, you will get editable source files in PSD or Ai of your choice [While you have to spend $50 or so to get full file pack outside Fiverr]

PSD means Adobe Photoshop File & Ai means Adobe Illustrator File. Vector or EPS are the BEST file format for any needs. To put it simple, the quality of the logo WILL NOT be lost while scaling or making it bigger.

YOU WILL NEED PSD OR AI OR VECTOR FOR MAKING ANY FUTURE CHANGES OR GETTING YOUR FILES PRINTED [Other purposes include web design, social media re sizing, business card or letterhead printing, tshirt printing etc]
PSD or AI, PDF, JPG, PNG Transparent, Vector etc are ALL offered for the $5 extra

7 - Gig extras

# - $5 for ALL file formats including PSD or AI, PDF, JPG, PNG Transparent, Vector/EPS [A must buy]

# - $20 for 3 more UNIQUE logo choices and ALL file formats [Best option to have more logo ideas and to choose]

# - $10 for developing your hand-drawn or computer-created sketch to a logo [Just send a scanned copy or digital]

# - $10 for creating a GoAnimate video [visit the site GoAnimate to know more about the type of video]

# - $20 for designing you a NEW Facebook Cover and Business Card using the logo


We CANNOT ACCEPT gig extra after the delivery of the gig since it would affect the EXPRESS status, as per fiverr rules.

Our logo gig is here -

If any Admins around, please let us know if providing our gig link is against the rule, and if yes, please REMOVE it asap

Thank you

Reply to @idesigners: I do not understand.

Reply to @idesigners:

Your brief is ok. Great gig btw. Happy to see people like you on forum. You have a lot to share with others.

To share your gig link on forum is 100% ok just don’t spam.

All the best,


I got back my logo design from idesigners today and they barely took 24hrs at all.

I am totally impressed with their professional conduct and their timely responses and completing the job.

I was also really happy with the classical edge they gave my logo…

Thanks Idesigners, will defo work with you guys again.

5stars from me

Reply to @dukanu:

dukanu said: To share your gig link on forum is 100% ok just don't spam.

This is incorrect information. Advertising gigs on the forums is allowed in the category My Fiverr Gigs, not in other forum spaces such as Tips for Buyers. In the wrong category, it is already spam. There is also no need to add links to any forum posts (although gig links are still allowed IN the My Fiverr Gigs category) because your username is an automatic hyperlink to all your gigs.

Sometimes moderators and admins will let a post stick if it really has useful tips included that apply to everyone. In this particular case, though, @idesigners says that these tips are intended for buyers purchasing their own gigs. These are not general tips that are helpful to all logo buyers since different logo seller have different requirements.

To @idesigners: You can edit your own post and move it to My Fiverr Gigs since this is a self-promotion post. It doesn't need to be deleted and you might get some visibility on the forum so I really don't want to delete it. I can move it for you but I want to leave the info up here so others can read it. Also, I strongly suggest clicking on the forum Do's and Dont's link at the top of the forum page. That way you won't need to wonder what is OK. Thanks!

The thread has been moved

Reply to @idesigners: Thanks! Good luck with your gigs.

I am new to fivver. I received a message from idesigners this morning stating that my logo would be done within 6 hours. I responded with a “thank you” and now I am seeing that my job has been rejected? I don’t understand.

Job will NEVER be rejected by seller. When buyer asks for revision, it is marked as “rejected”

Thank you

very good impressed

How do i fill the requirement ? Whatever i am writing it is telling “Order hasn’t started yet, needs your input!”

I did give all of this info with my original order. Please confirm all is OK.

Thank you

I made my payment, you have the info already. Thanks

Ok, it’s been a week since I place an order and I have not heard anything as to what the progress is. I sent a message no reply.

Please start my order. Thanks