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Help for new seller

Hello! I’m new to and I would like to know how to gain byers and promote my gig. Any tip would be really helpful for me.
Thank you.


ok, I want to help you. You can ask me any question?

Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Winning over buyers is best thought of as a process. You create a gig the best you can and see how it performs. If performance isn’t great, you look at tweaking things.

Some sellers are able to see buyers requests. These can help you earn orders.

It’s easy to promote your gigs, but difficult to promote them well. Unfortunately, too many people want to be able to just spam their links on social media and earn sales.

Before you promote yourself, it’s a really good idea to work out how you solve needs, how you’re different to your competitors, and what kind of people your service is aimed at. Knowing these things will allow you to market yourself more precisely.

For more info on marketing and promotion, check out this thread:


My question is how can I attract byers and start selling more.

Best tips for order :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for the info! :smiley:


You must have to marketing your gig and send daily buyer request perfectly.
try to good content on your gig.
note: don’t copy.