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Help for newbie! May I offer my own photos in writing gig?

Hello, everyone!

I would like to write articles for blogs/websites and I started creating my first gig here. Since I also make high quality photographs, I wonder could I offer to make custom images for article I’m writing, as I do for my personal blog? And if it is allowed, should I add it as extra service or it can be part of my gig description?

Thank you!



I’m sure you can make it a part of your gig. Some artists offer services like a poem and a little sketch to match the poetry and in theory it’s the same concept. It’s like how I provide Children’s stories illustrations but I also design the text to match it. As long as it’s all in one gig I’m sure it’ll be fine.

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You can and should do it. That would be so much added value to your work!
You could also start by doing it whenever you feel like it just to have some samples to show and then offer it as a paid-for extra! :star_struck:


You absolutely can do this - and it’s a great idea.

It will set you apart from the average article writers.

You’ll be offering a complete ‘ready to publish’ eye-catching service.


Thank you very much, guys! This means a lot to me. Now I can try playing with my ideas. :hugs:

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