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Help for non-native speakers

Whilst there are many native speakers who struggle with correct English, there are many more talented non-native speakers whose gig description spoils the talent behind the words.

I am an experience TEFL teacher and can help you.

Please ask any questions you may have about the English content on your Gig page.

Did you notice I should of put experienced!

The point of this is to show you how a single spelling error can make your advert look foolish.

Reply to @ianhamshaw:

*Should have, not should of. :wink:

But I agree. I’ve seen so many talented people with terrible gig descriptions. Guys with a real talent for design yet their description reads 'I wil do bes for u.'

Sad really, as they could be doing so much better with a well-written description.

Reply to @ianhamshaw: Oh, then i have an offer for you. Please check at least 2 of my gigs and I will give you free video to promote your own gig to thank you for being awesome proofreader and editor of my gig(s).

You can contact me in private message to close this deal.

Best Regards,


Reply to @joethorn: You stole the thunder from my next post! lol

Neophonic, I would be delighted to work with.