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Help for the holidays

Hi everyone, This is my first post here and I’m a fairly new seller. This question is for the more seasoned sellers. Do you guys do promotions or discounts for holidays such as Christmas and Halloween if so, How can I update my page to show I’m doing a Holiday special?


I guess the only way is to edit your primary Gig´s image or Gig´s video thumbnail that would show something like “Xmas %” or something.

As far as I know, there aren´t any campaign or seasonal promotion features available on Fiverr in general.

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I don’t do any seasonal discounts but I tried to change my gig image to something Halloween/Christmas-themed a month in advance and it increased sales a little bit. Not too much, though, so I don’t bother doing it every year.

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Thank you so much! gonna give it a try this year

What is your profession, I mean are you a graphic designer?

Kinda sorta, Don’t know if im at that level yet. Graphic designer is a serious title but you could say I am

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Best of luck :slight_smile:
Keep up :slight_smile: