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Help friends, what does it mean?

Help guys, I just completed an order with a 4 star rating but my buyers request is telling me I must have 90% positive rating before I can make an offer


If you received a rating of 4/5 stars, your current rating is 80%. You need to increase it to 90% before you can apply to buyer requests again.

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How can I increase it without getting a job

You actually can not! Lower the price of your gig and try to attract a costumer and statisfy him with some extra work and tips so you can receive a 5start rating. Be positive!

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You should increase it to 90%.
It’s Fiverr rule, you need 90% positive rating to send buyer offer.

Any tips on how I can attract a buyer without buyer’s request

Do promotion of your gig on social media. Find other ways of promoting your work.