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Help from any Power Point / Office experts (Linking to another "slide"in a PPT presentation)


I’m making a digital training product inside PowerPoint. I’m curious if there is a way to create, essentially, an “active” Table of Contents. That will work when I turn the document into a PowerPoint?


If you mean hyperlink, yes it is possible to do that in powerpoint so that once you click on a link it’ll be redirected to another slide and so on


For windows ^

For mac ^

Is this what you wanted?


Other than that I don’t use a Mac :slight_smile: I’m still watching as it may be something I can “understand” the principle and extract for my platform.

Yep, that worked perfectly! Thank you very much. I guess we could “close” this thread :slight_smile: LOL


Oh I see now you provided both solutions. I just saw the YouTube and watched there inside the forum.


Reply to @anarchofighter: It’s all good! I find ‘reading’ tutorials better than ‘watching’ them, hence windows being above mac.