Help getting people to see my gig request?


I’ve had a gig request up for over a day now, and I haven’t gotten any offers yet. I even tried boosting it several hours ago, and I still haven’t gotten any offers. Can someone help me?


That’s unusual, what category was it in?


Can you tell us what the request was and what category you put it under?


I requested an animation for my YouTube channel; I think I put it under “viral videos”, but only because none of the other options really seemed to fit.


That’s definitely a problem. Viral video sellers are things like people holding your sign in the jungle.
Try the intros and animated logos category.


Is there a way to edit it, or should I start a new one? Also, just to clarify, the animation is for the actual video, not an intro.


I think you need to submit a new one. You may need to edit it slightly as Fiverr doesn’t like requests to be submitted to multiple categories. Just changing or adding a word should be enough.


Just to clarify, the animation would be for the actual video, not the intro. Would it still go under that category?


Perhaps it would be “animated characters and modelling” then.
Check out the types of gigs at these links and see what might be a better suit for your need and then choose that one.


Thanks! I’ll try that.


I have also kept my fingers crossed. I have joined recently and I am a Consultant by profession . I provide consulting for Websites and Digital space including Documentation as well. Hope to get a first client soon…:slight_smile: