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Hi there! I am just starting out on Fiverr. I used to be on and was doing quite well, but a friend told me about Fiverr. How can I get the word out about my gigs? Not on social media, but I mean within Fiverr? I don’t want to break any rules just want to get started working. Thank you guys!


@kjblynx and @calisto2986 thanks for the tip. I added some video and my impressions went way up!! Still waiting on first sale on two gigs but i know at least people are seeing them now :slight_smile:


Wow ! Thanks for the tip. That’s strange about the pics, they are stock. I will make some in photoshop. Thank you much!


I agree completely, anything that can help you stand out will help!! Also videos are gold mines, any way they can actually see the quality of what they will receive is great! I would also do some research on similar gigs and see what they are doing, how they word their descriptions, etc :slight_smile: Also, once you get your orders coming in, customer service is top priority, as ratings and reviews are the life blood of your business!!

Good luck, and I hope you find success here! Fiverr is a wonderful way to make money and meet some amazing people :slight_smile:



Done! @KJBLYNX and @calisto2986. Thanks for the tips guys. I just uploaded a video on one of my gigs and am waiting for another one to upload now. Hopefully that will help me stand out! :slight_smile:


like kjblynx said, go to buyer requests and look for people asking for what you do.

I didn’t know what gigs to make when I first started, so I made a generic gig, and started responding to some oddball writing requests. after a conversation with the requester, I would create a new gig for them to buy. At one point I had 7 gigs going, and now after a few years, I’ve pared it down to 3