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Help getting to level 1

Ive been on fiverr for a while now, and i finally actually starting working from fiverr. I have a problem about getting to level 1. I sell mainly custom order, i just sold one for 200. Most of my order will be custom app design services so I don’t sell large volume of them. so if I sell less gigs, but they are worth more how can i make it to the different levels.

Unfortunately right now Fiverr counts the amount of orders and not the amount of money you get. If you do a good job though, be sure that orders will slowly but gradually build up. And be sure to invite your buyer to review their experience with you and your gigs. That helps future buyers feel more comfortable with you and trust you.

Why don’t you start with uploading a profile photo? yeah, it does make a difference. and quantity is more important than the amount of money, a $5 buyer will get to rate and review you once per order so does a $200 buyer. how often would someone pay $200 for a service on fiverr vs $5 orders?..I’d suggest you take a look to your competitors and see what you can offer more for less. like same $5 service but with express delivery or free source file, or things like that. I did that and it worked.