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[HELP] Gig disappeared from search after making few changes to gig


Howdy, howdy, howdy!
How’s everyone doing? I hope all are doing good!

So, Yesterday I was looking that where my gig ranks on Fiverr category (Programming & Tech / Mobile Apps & Web / Convert Site To App), and I found my gig on 5th page and last position and then I thought that I should make few changes to get better ranking and orders.

and then, I made few changes to my gig, I changed the title, description, pricing and tags on my gig.

and after that, poof! pixy dust!! My gig just despaired from the search, I tried to find to so hard, checked so bad and I failed to find my gig anywhere on Google and Fiverr.

and I searched on internet about this problem and someone suggested to wait 24 hours and then I have waited 24hrs but still not able to find my gig,

Here’s my gig:
My Fiverr profile:

Please suggest me what action should I take now?

Thank you, and waiting for suggestions.
~ Paritosh Negi (negiservice)


That’s a very common issue!

A lot of people see their gigs disappear completely after editing them, and after a few days re-appear on page 30 or so with many other highly rated super selling gigs, surrounded by gigs with 1-10 reviews total. So weird!

Some people get the rankings restored with customer support’s help, and I know a seller that had to wait well over a year before suddenly her gig was again ranked appropriately.

If you don’t get it fixed, I would recommend to edit your gig weekly. Improve it’s description and perhaps update gig extras. As everytime you update your gig, it goes through the editorial team (I recall) and they might have something to do with the indexing part, or then the glitch makes your gig invisible to them and that is why it’s not appearing properly.

Good luck!


Hi! That you so much for the helpful reply.
I think now I should contact Fiverr customer support.


i have a suggestion for you, sometimes i also faced this even if i dont have any issue, and then i contact with cs and they have refresh my gigs



I had a gig that was my top seller and made me to Level 2 very fast, it had 1000+ views per day.
I edited it and made some changes in description.

I have no idea what wrong word I wrote it got denied and never came back. Many people had set it as favourite. I lost all those customers, some were repeat buyers.

I made similar gig again but it is not able to reach that status again :frowning: