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[Help] Gig Issue


I have a serious problem with my gig. I have 3 gigs which also are shown as 3 active gigs but on “my gigs” list there are only 2 gigs ! I don’t understand why should there be 3 Active gigs and list includes only 2 ! where is my third gig ???

My third gig has the same title as my second gig, but they are on different categories. Is that the reason? Same gig title ?

Thank you whoever responds.

Look at the Top of the Page when you are in the My Gigs section: There will be categories and then numbers (meaning how many Gigs fit that category): Active, Suspended, Requires Modification, Pending Approval and Denied. See if the missing Gig is somewhere in those. You can click on the numbers and it will bring up the page so you can see the Gig that is under that category. This may answer why you are only seeing 2. It may be due to the same wordage used in 2 Gigs, but, to be sure, you would have to write to Customer Service and hope for a quick and non form letter reply!


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