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Help Google To Index Your Web Pages!

Google Analytics is a very important digital marketing tool which seriously underused by most businesses. It allows you to measure the results of individual visitor/campaigns in real-time, compare the data to previous periods, and so much more.

Gig Feature-

  • Analytics setup
  • Search console setup
  • XML sitemap and submit (Wordpress only)
  • Robots.txt setup and submit
  • Instal tag manager and E-Commerce setup (For stander and premium pack)

This is not a place to promote your gig please dont do this :slight_smile:

Ok. Then tell me what is the place to promote gig?

I also thought this was actually the place :slight_smile:

I’m sorry i just check the rules you can post your links of your gig in this section
I accept my mistake Sorry for it :wink:

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It is okay. Hope your Fiverr journey is going well. :slight_smile:

Now a days It’s Going Good :slight_smile:
Thank You :slight_smile:
And Same To you