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Help, gurus of forum Fiverr Dissable me with no reasson (or not explain) today D: when i was working

hi, i was working for 1 year on fiverr, with 70 reviews, only 1 flag trouble in all the time (because a client trying to scam, but fiverr help me)
they say:

Our dedicated team has reviewed your gigs and determined that the services you offer are not appropriate for our marketplace. Please be aware that offering these services is harmful to the integrity of our site and violating our Terms of Service and/or other policies. As a result, your Fiverr account was disabled.

so, what the hell? im illustrator artist, i make logos and videos, even tattoos, i never on my life make adult content… :frowning: what happen, help me, i dont wanna lost all the work i have on QUEUE


Same here !! I am here from 2016, Jan. This is my new profile. My old account was disabled due to same reason as you mentioned. But I am unable to get back my account. What to do? So, I made a new one.

but i dont want to make a new account, because they can dissable me, i need evidence about what they say…

you ask for evidence or something? :confused: this is totally wrong in many ways

Could it be that they made a mistake and pasted the wrong template into your email and it was some other reason (they think you have multiple accounts because someone with a Fiverr account used your IP or even computer or something?)

I’d calmly and politely ask them which gigs they determined as not appropriate and why, because you only offered illustrations, etc., no adult content ever, and are not aware at all how your gigs could have been seen as harmful or violating of ToS.


hi, my old syster open her fiverr on house like many time ago, but she dont live here with me any more, i open my fiverr on my phone and my laptop (i usually travel around my country to see my girlfriend some times), so i dont know what happen :c

you are a support assistance user?

I asked !! But no solution. !!!

ow :frowning: im really worried, i ask and they Autoreply, and i think they even dont read my message… im a noble artist, this is a huge mistake…

" t is against our Terms of Service to offer Gigs for adult-oriented, inappropriate or pornographic services. Please refer to this link outlining our Terms of Service."

so, what now? i re reply and say something in a nice way, i hope they read me

I’m just a seller, like you. Customer support doesn’t reply to forum threads, if you already sent them a ticket through the ticket system, you’ll have to wait for their reply and see what they say. Good luck to you.

i cant use ticket system, because im disable (this is a tipical fiverr error)

i writte directly using Gmail and wait u.u… wish me luck, im really worried, and thnx for your help

Ah, yes, email should work then, I had to use that a while ago when the ticket system wasn’t working, and got a reply by email pretty quickly. I can imagine you’re worried, keep calm but find out what the reason is, if it was a mistake on their part, they’ll surely make it right. All the best.

i hhope so, all my audience its here on fiverr, i wanna cry :frowning: im from venezuela, the people i meet here dont have acces to USD$ so, all the clients i have its from another countries… crying

Today, Fiverr customer service dont do nothing, dont help, just avoid me :frowning:

i writte this:

" Hi, excuse me, I’d calmly and politely ask to you, which of my gigs they determined as not appropriate and why, can you give me evidence about this?..

because until now i only offered illustrations, Opening animations, funny videos, music, etc, no adult content ever, and im not aware at all how my gigs could have been seen as harmful or violating of ToS.

thanks for your atention, i will waithing for a razonable answer…

best wishes, and have a nice day."


Hello again,

Unfortunately, your account was permanently disabled by our Trust & Safety team and will not be reinstated.

Bear in mind that future requests for the same reason will meet the same response.

I apologize for the discomfort this is causing,

so… they Literally avoid me, or avoid any form of evidence… :frowning: i wanna cry, i wanna work, i really need to work, this Socialism its killing me and my family…

About a week ago you posted saying your girlfriend’s account was disabled.

Is there any way Fiverr could have linked your account with hers? Same IP address, same computer, same payment method, etc?

I think if one account is disabled, any account related to it will also be at risk.

wow… you have a big point, but i dont live with her, i live in another city… i dont left my pc to no one because exactly that…

but some times i talk a lot with her on chat here on fiverr, just for fun, that can be risky?

Has she ever logged in using your PC or phone? Or visa versa? I guess it only needs to happen once for the accounts to become linked on Fiverr’s system.

I don’t really know the answer to your second question. Intuitively, I feel the answer is probably not, but I couldn’t say for sure.

i dont exactly know :confused: i dont give my phone to no one, but maybe she acce from her phone in my home several times…

I highly doubt that support bans users without reasons …

well, if they have a reason, they dont give it… say i sell adult contect in a illustration fiverr page its ridiculus… i can draw anything, but i really respect NSFW community and i dont like draw that kind of stuff… so… its complicated

Take it easy, I know how you feel. Just know that no matter what happens you are still the same person, you can do it again, you are smart and hardworking.

You must win again. Cheers…

;( thnx man…

offtopic: im from venezuela, we have “limited acces” to certain websites, i can start again, but, the hard part its Payoneer, i cant afiliate my old account if this dont solve (its ove the rules), and in venezuela we cant use Paypal as we want, i know it, i have 1 paypal, they block me 3 weeks because on venezuela have many USD$ its like an “ilegal” stuff, even if i have my facturation… (thanx socialism)…
i dont know how start from zero again… i want to move to another country, but… thats hard xD for someone who win 20$ monthly (oh yeah, im Bs.Sc engineer, but still winning that rate, thats a “good” sallary on this country xD)