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Help help help need help now

I create an edu email. but isn’t working. buyer says how many time its works. what can I now?


You have to find in youtube I hope you got it.

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An edu email is an email address for a college or university. If you are trying to create one for a buyer, is that even legal?


@vickiespencer bro may be right.

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Right to make an edu email for a college someone else is attending?

Or are you calling me a bro and saying I am right? :thinking:


I don’t know. but can’t create properly.

Is it for yourself or a buyer?

Wait you said:

So, your buyer says it does not work?

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buyer need not for me/myself…!!!

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I didn’t get what you are saying, but I guess you are saying You are creating email address for buyer ending with .edu and its not working ?
I don’t think anybody here would know why is your email its not working, there must be some technical issue with your email provider and you should check with them!


Why doesn’t your buyer get his edu email from his school or university. I think you are trying to do something illegal and should cancel the order.


okay, thanks for the info, I don’t know it’s legal or illegal.

thank your information.

why would you create edu mail for client? If it is business email , I can understand

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thank your information. The buyer says can I create an edu mail,

But then that is what a person up to no good would say.

I just read an article that says it is illegal because edu email addresses are for students who get special discounts that are meant only for them.

If you create an edu email you are helping your buyer cheat and get those discounts when they are not a student. It is considered fraud!

I think as far a Fiverr is concerned it would be breaking a third parties’ TOS.