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Help! Help! I am not getting orders at all

Recently I was introduced into fiverr by a friend. I registered as a seller and I opened my first Gig may, 2018. Now the problem is that despite all my efforts such as completing at least 6 buyers request daily and a thorough social media promotions, things don’t seems to be working for me. Honestly, getting my first order now seems impossible.
Please What should I do?? what am I doing wrong??

Please guys, I will highly be grateful if you can check my Gig above for any modifications or suggestions…

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You gig market have a ot of competitor,

From your gig point of view :
Nowadays…, all new designer will offer same service like you did…,
If you don’t have a better portfolio…, then i’m afraid it will difficult for you to attract buyer…,
And based on what i see…, honestly, you should add a better portfolio

From marketing,
Did you get e right tag?
Have you promote your gigs on sosmed? Twitter? with correct hashtag
How high your impression and view right now?
At first …, you should aim for 1k impression to get your gig noticed

Good luck :slight_smile:


Be patient. With time, you will get things done. I promise you. But try learning and looking for a mentor and learning how to market your gig

check this out it will helps…

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Thanks for the tips. As for the impression I have about 737 impressions for now…

Thanks for the encouragement.

You should create an Eye Catching GIG title and create unique content description.

For more information, please PM me, i can provide you a module on how to become a Fiverr Rockstar!

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I think my Gigs are already eyes catching enough. You can check it out here

ok, All right i see.

Promote yourself get more sell

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