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Help! How can I decompress a 7z file in my mac?

Dear IT geniuses of Fiverr:

Help please!

How can I decompress a 7z file in my mac? Unarchiver gave me a lot of trouble and I don’t want to pay for an app to be able to decompress it. It’s urgent. Thanks!

Those 7-Zip types are a PITA for almost everyone. Makes no real sense these days.

Can you get “RAR File Open Knife” on Mac?

That generally works for me. I refuse to put the main 7-Zip application on my machine as (like iTunes) is always created havoc.

If you can’t handle it, ask the client for a common file format like plain Zip as 7-Zip is not exactly a standard type (never was because of all the hassles).


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Hi, thanks for your advice. The client requires me to use Wipefile due to their safety protocols, or whatever, and it is a headache. Would a “RAR File Open Knife” work for a 7z file?

That is the only reason I have Open Knife on my drive - when I get annoying clients who insist on coloring outside of the lines.

I’d be sure to be Anti Virusing that before & after decompression esp if they haven’t hit the Buy Button and paid already.


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ok, I appreciate that! nice wording by the way! Thank you !

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