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HELP! How can I improve this gig? :)

what do you think about my last gig created 5 minutes ago? Any advises to improve it?

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I think that while some of those tips are useful, they’re not necessarily all true. Gig videos are only useful for specific types of gigs; if your gig isn’t related to videos, I feel like having a low-quality video is worse than having no video.

Sharing your gig on My Fiverr Gigs isn’t super useful, since a lot of people (me included) have muted that category.


Yeah gig video can also increase 40% user engagement, Why you have muted that category?
In my fiverr gigs people are clicking and visiting my gig Analytics shows that report and even we can stay up to date whats going on in the market…

I’ve muted the category because me and most people on the forum don’t come here to look for services. Most of us are sellers. If we’re interested in buying something, we’ll go to the main site and find whoever has the best portfolios/reviews.

Even if people are clicking on your profile, if that doesn’t transform into orders then the views are useless.

I know that everyone around here talks a lot about gig videos increasing engagement, but I really fail to see the benefits of adding a thirty-second video of me talking in my tiny college dorm to my intended audience when I’m a writer/editor/translator.

Somehow, even without videos on any of my gigs, I’ve gotten orders on them. I’m very much happy with that, thank you very much.

That means people are going towards portfolios and reviews and new sellers kept on waiting … Strange tact user engagement is helpful in this way the gig will start appearing in searches … I am sharing what i have researched in the forum and trying to motivate new comers…

In that case, isn’t it more helpful to present the truth of what actually works to newcomers instead of just giving them random tips that may or may not work?

While plenty of people can give tips about what may or may not work, the truth is that a lot of this stuff is pretty subjective. Some buyers won’t take a chance on new sellers, some will. Some hate videos, some love them. Offering suggestions as fact won’t help anyone.

So all forum members who are giving suggestions and tips are going in vain?
Every seller Starts from step one and then he reaches to a milestone … By Keep on trying different things like changing tags and improving gig description sending buyer requests something will work … Instead of making people hopeless…

The emphasis on that line was as fact.

Offering suggestions is great. You know what’s better? Offering informed suggestions.

For example, if I look at @dominikinsy’s gig above: instead of offering generic advice like “make a gig video”, I can suggest that he

  • Add more qualifications about why he is the best choice for naming your brand
  • Write a more attractive blurb that gives his buyers a sense of his writing skills, which serves as a sample for his ability to write them a good business name (as a writer, I can confirm this can draw people in)
  • Mention by name the specific details someone would need to include when ordering this gig (e.g. industry, mission statement, etc.), and preferably add that section to the FAQ

He asked for specific feedback. Giving him non-specific tips without an idea of whether they work or not might make him hopeful, but it won’t help him in the long run.

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Good tips.

I’d also recommend you use a photo of yourself. People willing to proudly stand by their work inspire confidence.