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Help! How can i remove an paypal account and add another


How can i remove an paypal account and add another
Please help if anyone know about this
Thank you



Thank you
Do you knwo about also remove payoneer account?


For payoneer I think you would need to contact support


But I can’t see this (Paypal changing) option on my side.


Go to setting and replace with a new PayPal account.
(Caution: You will not be able to withdraw your funds for 24 hours. It’s the cooldown/verification time after adding new PayPal account.)
If you are trying/want to know, how to remove Payoneer account also, you should forget about it. Cause Fiverr support cannot help you to separate Payoneer from your Fiverr account. You need to contact Payoneer customer support, and they will take forever to answer!


it will not gonna be happen,baby :yum: try another option. it will best, if you contact payoneer support center as fiverr team said.


You would see that option if you already added a paypal account, if you haven’t added one then you won’t see it.


ok i will try to change paypal. Thank you


ok i will try another option
Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


How come you need to remove/change both accounts (PayPal and Payoneer)?


need to change payoneer account very important because i withdrew money from payoneer


What I’m asking is this: what’s wrong with both your PayPal and your Payoneer account? Why do you need to change them both?


i have no own account before that’s why i add my cousin account there now i have own account that’s why i want to change those or if i change only payoneer its best for me


I see. As you’ve been told, you’ll have to contact Payoneer’s customer support to change the Payoneer account.


Ok i will try
Thank you :slight_smile: