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Help: How Can I Use One Fiverr Revenue Card for Two Fiverr Account?

Dear Fiverr Guru,

Somebody ask me this and I too did not know it, He said:-
I have Two FIVERR ACCOUNT and I want to be Using one Fiverr Payoneer Account to make my Withdraw for both of the Two Fiverr Account BUT I DON’T KNOW HOW TO USE IT.

Please for God shake, Teach me how to go about it.

Yours GomeZ. 8->

You can’t. Having 2 accounts is against Fiverr rules. Having 2 accounts going to the same payment account is especially against Fiverr rules. It’s clear in the Terms of Service.

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Why do you have 2 accounts on Fiverr? That’s not allowed.

Yes! Having 2 accounts is against Fiverr rules and that is the first answer I replied the questioner. But he still insist that it is possible and I wonder why and how.

Anyway, Thanks you all for your comment.

Reply to @chief_seo: It is possible to create two accounts, but they will eventually be banned by Fiverr. Still, there’s no way to connect Payoneer to both accounts. Even if there was, that would be an immediate red flag to Fiverr. There’s a good chance he won’t last long.

Reply to @chief_seo: @maddisont is exactly right. It is possible to create 10 accounts on Fiverr but that doesn’t mean anything. There was a guy on the forums who created at least 7 accounts but every one was banned.

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Reply to @fonthaunt: Oh, that guy was a character! :))

what if a husband and his wife who has their own fiverr accounts, wants to withdraw money to the same payonner account? Is this possible?

My wife has a fiverr account doing financial services and I have a fiverr account doing business consultancy services. I feel that it is necessary to avoid the possibilities of risking the jobs that we both so much love by pursuing different methods of withdrawing funds from fiverr. At least this way our counts will be safe.