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Help! How do I get gigs?

I’m waiting patiently (sort of) for my first gig to pop up, but so far all I’ve gotten have been not related to the gigs that I have listed on my page. Any ideas on how to help with that, or how to find gigs? Thanks in advance!

I am not sure why you posted this under “Tips for Buyers” but your thread was moved to “Improve my Gig”. I also noticed you are displaying a 3rd party website on your profile which is a violation against TOS. I would recommend taking this off. Fiverr only allows certain URLS you can find them here

Thank you. Was it the link to my fanfiction,net? I just want to be clear what to remove.

Yes that was the link that stood out to me ;).

There are plenty of reasons people might not buy your gigs. You might be too new, the lack of reviews could make it slow at first, you gig descriptions might be too unclear, too short or too long, etc.

Even then, sales on Fiverr isn’t easy. Buyers have to be out there that want to buy what you sell. One of the ways to get started on Fiverr is often to use buyer requests and apply for those jobs, but they have to be looking for something similar to what you do. Since most of your gigs are in a tight niche, you may have to promote yourself on fanfic sites or gaming sites.

Thank you so much! Awesome insight, I will try to broaden my gigs.