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Help! How do I report buyer requests?

Who do I contact to report a crazy buyer request from the KKK! I have no idea who put it up there, but it’s under buyer requests.

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It seems to have gone now …


Good that it’s gone already.

Generally, you can report by sending a ticket to customer support:

If you look at the buyer requests on the app, you can see the username of the person who put it up, to make it easy for support.


I wish I could have seen it out of curiosity.

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Um, I was curious about what category you were in, so I went to your profile. It would be negligent of me to not caution you: Duplicate gigs are against the TOS. You are at risk of loosing your best gig if it’s reported.


you can report sending the ticket to support:

Thanks @miiila and @farjana75 for the link to the support tickets. This will also help with reporting scammers.

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