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Help! do I respond to this?

So guys, a buyer placed an order without contacting me(I said in my description that all buyers should contact me before placing an order).

But I did the job anyway with the project information he gave. I submitted it before delivery date only for me to wake up 3 days after delivery to see a 1 star review from this buyer.

And guess what he said?

“Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!”

Guys how do I reply this without sounding rude?

Because I feel if I don’t reply it’ll look like the buyer is right and I definitely know I didn’t deliver late.

Your response will go a long way



Well, you can politely tell the truth - without emotions, without rude words, only the fact that he is not really right about it


Also, he could not add the review to the order that was cancelled, so he didn’t actually cancel it

I would ignore it.

It’s just one 1-Star rating.

It won’t matter once you start piling up the 5-Star and 4-Star ratings.

It seems like they probably copied a message from a late order and then added to it (that’s what it says for an automatic message that’s created when an order really is very late) but they’ve put more review text in so it can’t actually be an automated review.

I agree, just politely say what happened. Say when you delivered it (eg. x amount of time before due date/time). The rest of the review is mostly good though.