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(HELP)How to fix decrased gigs performance?!


can anybody help me?, why impressions, views, and click is getting decreased?.


@mariashtelle1 Allow me to do your 7th time.


:pray:. Thank you for the response. I’ll try these tips


but I think I have provided good service for all my buyers. I do social media sharing. it’s just suddenly decrased


Your Profile is looking good. only 1 gig and 2 faster review. A new account not possible a faster review. please tell me dear how can method use your fiverr carrier.


Thank you

I do not understand what you are trying to say here.

Check the tips and tricks section.

But my first advice would be; fix your English, I could barely understand it. Buyers love to be able to communicate easily with sellers, and with your English, I don’t think you will succeed.

Good luck.


Actually, I only used some common methods. buyer requests 10 / day, social media sharing, at least 7 hours / day. I think these tips are very useful


Yeah, it is the very urgent things to do


Many Many Thanks For advice.