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Help how to sort out my mistake, i was done earlir

Hi, there,
I am not new on fiverr and i have completed already level one ,

Problem Status:- Before 2 months ago, my gig was on first page continue and i get order and contacted by any buyer many times,

But, i was think at that time to improve my Gig and want to change some gig photo , and finally edit my Gig,

Now:- no contact by any person , no order, and gig vary some times page 2 , 6 and rarely on first page.

So it is the experiences for all and please give me your suggestion to get Order again.


This is a thing that happens I think, where you have to do a little extra advertising to keep on top of profit. Of course, Fiverr doesn’t warn you about this. So if anything, you should edit your post with links to your gigs and see what happens

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