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HELP! How would you have handled this situation?!


Someone ordered a gig over a month ago, and then out of blue has been sending me multiple messages berating me and saying that I didn’t do anything with their order.

Here’s the thing… I will admit that I did not do much with their order. But here is why: They ordered my Invitation gig and sent me ONE JPEG LOGO IMAGE. That was IT!! No event information. No date, RSVP info, location. NOTHING. What were they expecting in return?! I’m BEYOND frustrated at this point.

So tell me, what would you have done in this situation?


Perhaps you could have asked for more information when they ordered?
If you did and they didn’t send any then you could have answered their messages easily, saying that they did not provide enough info. It is difficult to say that now, after the delivery, as they can easily respond with “but you never asked”. They can’t really do anything about it as it is over a month ago but you should probably look at whether you made a mistake here or not. If so, you should make up for it. If not then say you are sorry that they are unhappy but you delivered the gig according to the description.


I suppose you should’ve asked for further information at that time . But now, the only thing to be done is to just clear the misunderstanding, applogize to the buyer and add a learned experience to your bucket !


In my listing, I ask that all buyers message me prior to purchasing the gig. That way I can work out what exactly they are looking for and make sure they are prepared to send me the information that I need to complete their order.

This order came in without any contact beforehand. Which is fine. It does happen occasionally. The other thing is, that after I delivered they had three days to request revisions. They did not contact me. Not until over a month had passed.

I agree that I could have reached out in the beginning, but to be honest, when I am looking at an order that I stand to make $4 on, I’m not exactly motivated to go above and beyond. Especially when they couldn’t be bothered to even give the date of an event that they were supposedly ordering an invitation for.

I think my frustration with the barrage of terse and negative messages I am now receiving is clouding my feelings about this situation in general. I’ve completed almost 400 orders… I’m not new to all of this. I just… well, I guess I just needed to vent. Thank you for your perspectives!


@hirehannah: I think, in this case, the buyer was in the wrong. If she was not happy with what you delivered, she should have said something a month ago. Waiting this long then complaining about it doesn’t make sense. :angry:

I had an advice on how I think you should handle the situation, but since I don’t have any gigs and have never sold anything on Fiverr - perhaps, it’s not in my place to do so.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope it works out in your favor. :slight_smile:


You should have cancelled the order if you didn’t get enough information to do the job as it was intended.

Either you had to leave all the information for the event blank and that is what they wanted,
or it was not what was promised in the gig description, in which case you did not have the information you needed to do the job. It sounds like this was the case.


Just because you ask people to contact you first it doesn’t mean they have to.
Part of Fiverr’s attraction is the simplicity of seeing a service you want and then buying it - “Get any digital service you want in just one click”.
Your gig requirements should clearly lay out what you require and if you don’t get them then you contact the buyer or cancel the order as MissCrystal said. Not being bothered because it is “only $4” is not really a valid reason. Regardless, the buyer cannot do anything about it aside from perhaps going to CS but I doubt they will entertain it at this point either.


These are my requirements, and what they provided. I have already acknowledged that I don’t really take issue with not being contacted before the order was placed.

I guess I need to get more comfortable with the idea of canceling orders. I have read lots of threads in the Forum, and some people make it seem like canceling orders is like, the WORST thing you could do. But really, it’s there for a reason.

Thank you for weighing in.


Perhaps you should either make the price higher so that you could be bothered to go a bit over and beyond with future orders, or maybe change the base price of the $5 to be for something that you find is worth doing for the $4, then make gig extras for the “full service” so that you get what you feel is appropriate for your work? It could help with future buyers and you’ll get more for your work. Just some suggestions, of course – you can do what you would like. :slight_smile: