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Help! I am being scammed

Hi everyone,

Please I need your advice on what to do.

I ordered a White Board Animation video from a seller who said it will be delivered in 24 hours. At the time of delivery, instead of delivering a video, he delivered a JPEG image telling me he has issues with network and he will deliver it soon. That was on 4th September. I did not accept the project and so I ask for revision, requesting that he sends the video I ordered for. Since, then he keeps promising and failing. I tried canceling and he refused to accept the cancellation. I have tried contacting customer support and its now over 72 hours and I do not have a response from customer support. My website project, which I am to use the video for, is being delayed. The seller is not responding. I have been using Fiverr for several years not and I have never had an issue like this…Customer service is not responding at all. What do I do?


First, don’t accept it - when the “seller” (actually, he is not a seller, but a scammer) deliver it again, send for the revision. Don’t let him finish this order. Report this seller.
And customer support team - now the world is still working is this remode way, so they need more time for responce, that usually - it can take a week or even two. You just need t wait - they will help and cancel this order


Thanks. I have reported him severally by clicking the report flag…But I am honestly disappointed at the slow pace of Fiverr’s customer support. I really expected more than these from them. I may just have to wait this out but its quite frustrating. People use Fiverr for business, and such delays can be costly for business.


Yes, you are absolutely right. And the wrst thing is that many people and many businesses leave Fiverr because of scammers like this guy…
Terrible situation. I hope Customer support team will fix this problem as soon as possible

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I understand you, unfortunately fiverr is a beautiful platform but like every place there is no shortage of individuals of this type, who take advantage of it.

I wish you the best for your project.

Next time before hiring any seller you should ask their sample work to avoid this type of fraudulent.

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With everyone working from home now, be patient with customer service. I’m sure they have their hands full

Which will make you look like a scammer trying to get free work. Don’t do that.

The seller is violating ToS by making an incomplete delivery. It’s a bannable offense. Inform the seller that you’ve reported their actions to CS and you’re not going to accept something you didn’t order while you wait for fiverr to respond. It may take up to 10 days for CS to respond, unfortunately.


Thank you for sharing your nice idea​:heart::heart::heart_eyes:

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Yes, now the customer service is very worst.