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Help I Am Not Getting Orders


Hi,Please Help I am Not Getting Orders My Last Order Was on 7 April 2017 But Now Not Getting Orders.Please Help Me If Have Work Give me on My Gig

Link= My Gig
Thank for replying :slight_smile:


I see an error in the third picture. There’s still a bit of background next to the characters left arm (close to the body).


Thanks,But if You Have Anywork Give Me Please


Look Again : Is it Good Now…Please Reply


You might want to post a thread under ‘My Fiverr Gigs’ if you’re looking for buyers. This section of the forum is, as the name “Improve My Gig” says, for getting suggestions from other users on how to improve your Gig.


Nothing turns off potential buyers like literally begging them to buy your gig


…And on a forum of mostly sellers, as well. :wink:


There seems to be a lot of gigs offering the same service of background removal. I’m new myself so I don’t really know the dynamics of it all but it would appear that you have quite the competition for the same service. What makes yours stand out from the rest?


Hello to the bosses in the house, please someone should check my gigs and see if there is any error, orders are not coming i always use the buyers request infact, i make sure i used up the 10 daily but no order till now really need some help.


I forgot to add my gig links


Help I am Not Getting A Single Order MY Gig is :