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Help i cannot find the buyer request section

Fiverr got this new interface update ? I cannot find the buyer request section


On the website, If you want to send offer(s) to existing buyer requests, click on “Selling->Buyer Requests”. If you want post a buyer request, click on “Buying->Post a request”.

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I got the new interface briefly yesterday and today it has reverted back to the original interface. The menu on it had Buyer Requests for buyers to post a request but I couldn’t find where sellers could go to see the requests.


Thanks for the feedback i found it

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I also faced the same problem.

Add some new gig as you reached on level 1
You will get more buyer request

Hi, I have the same problem, did you find it?, and If you did, can you tell me how please?

Hello @valentina_luna and welcome to the community.

I hope i’m not to late to answer can find it under More -> Buyer Requests.

Hope that helped.


Hi, thanks! the thing is that I don’t see the more option in the bar menu or in the profile options. Is it anywhere else?

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See if you have zoomed it in. Make it 100%.


thanks! I find it :slight_smile:

hi, i still cannot find. my profile page looks very similar as yours. my browser setting also on 100% but still i cannot find “More” under “Selling” and also buyers request. Plz help me, thanks